Thursday, January 3, 2013

A "Wishlist Wednesday" post

This is the first time I am participating in any online writing contest. :) Came across this contest, called "Wishlist Wednesdays", in Preeti Shenoy's blog , and thought of contributing an entry.

The contest was to complete the following writing prompt Preeti had posted : "I wish everyone loved..."

Here's my entry for Wishlist Wednesday #4.

I wish everyone loved their own company. I wish that people would feel happy just to "be" with their own selves.
I am not a saint and I too am guilty of "that feeling when you HAVE to call/ping/talk/meet somebody". In fact, that's the feeling I fight every single day as I walk back from office... :-P

These are the days of wireless connectivity, instant gratification. However, cliched it might sound, the irony is that we are in tune with what the entire world is doing/thinking/sharing (including the people we hardly know); everyone, except our own selves!

We need to be more centered. More focused. More calm.

Many times as I walk back from office, I have this urge to call people. Talk. Ping. Share. WhatsApp. Radio. Playlists.
Anything, but walk back by myself.
Strange, but true.
It's not that I detest walking, or even walking alone, but somehow I have gotten into this habit...especially when I walk out of office. (And yes, I am also indirectly boasting that my home is within walking distance from office :D)
The weird feeling of "I need to be connected. NOW. This very minute." grips me as soon as I set my foot out of the office.

I feel we need to start being at ease with ourselves. It's OK if you don't call anyone immediately. Its OK if you don't tune in to your radio as soon as you step out. Its OK if you forget your headphones (intentionally) and give your ears much needed relief. :P
Its OK if you take time out, look around, appreciate the fact that you have a home and family to go back to, at the end of the day. Its OK to try and see the changes seasons bring about in nature, the skies and trees around you. Its OK to fight the urge to call people. Its OK to learn to be by yourself.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2013 and hope you enjoy your own company some more this year! :D

PS: The result of the contest is here .
Yours truly got a special mention, something like a first runner's up :P :D


  1. i love my company ... of course i love VMware :P
    (Dinn read complete .. will read and comment later :D )

  2. @Meenu : ROFL @ the other interpretation ;-) B-)

  3. I really liked what u wrote :) :) and I agree!!

  4. @Priyaa sorry for my late comment, and thanks for dropping by! :)