Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All I ask... : A prayer

The other day I had a "re-org" attack and was looking at old pics to organize.
As usual, I got lost in looking at the pics and recollecting the "good ol' days" (Well, not that the present days are any bad, but saying "good ol' days" has its own charm :P)
Anyways, I digress.

I found a pic of a poster I had put up on my hostel wall.
The pic is a tad bit blurry (yeah, yeah I didn't have the fancy smancy 10MP cam then :P) Good old Nokia. *sigh*
So here's the marathi version (as I had read it somewhere) :
The original Bengali version is here [Courtesy : SG]

विपत्ति मधे तू माझे रक्षण कर
ही माझी प्रार्थना नाही.
विपत्ति मधे मी भयभीत होऊ नये
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

दु:खतापाने व्यथित झालेल्या माझ्या मना चे
तू सान्त्वन करावेस
अशी माझी अपेक्षा नाही.
दु:खावर जय मिळवता यावा,
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

माझ्या मदतीला कोणी आले नाही,
तर माझे बाळ मोडून पडू नये,
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

माझे रक्षण तू करावेस, मला तारावेस,
ही माझी प्रार्थना नाही.
तरुन जाण्याचे सामर्थ्य माझ्यात असावे,
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

माझे ओझे हलके करून तू माझे सान्त्वन केले नाहीस
तरी माझी तक्रार नाही
ते ओझे वाहायची शक्ति माझ्यात असावी
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

सुखाच्या  दिवसांत नतमस्तक होऊन
मी तुझा चेहेरा ओळखून काढीन.
दु:खाच्या रात्री, सारे जग जेव्हा माझी फसवणूक करेल,
तेव्हा तुझ्या विषयी माझ्या मनात शंका निर्माण होऊ नये
एवढीच च माझी इच्छा...

~रवींद्रनाथ टागोर

And since I am bitten by the translation bug these days, I had to attempt a translation Simply could _not_ leave it alone. ;)
Here goes my attempt at translation :

I would never pray for you
to protect me from perils;
That I never be frightened by perils
is all I ask...

I would never expect you to console
my soul that's fraught with pain;
That I can conquer the sorrowful sea,
is all I ask...

Even though none comes forth to help;
Let my strength not fail me
is all I ask...

When the world fools me
and I face betrayal;
Let my mind be strong, and let it not waver
is all I ask...

I would never pray for you
to shield me from dangers;
That I may have the capacity to stay afloat
is all I ask...

I would never complain even if you
do not reduce my burden;
That I be strong enough to carry that burden
is all I ask...

In happier times, I will bow down to you 
and recognize your face;
In dark times, when the world betrays me
Let my mind never doubt you,
is all I ask...

~Rabindranath Tagore

[Translated on 11th Nov 2014]

Friday, October 31, 2014

High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out the reason why!
You jump, you float;
You cry, you gloat;
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out the reason why!
May be you resolved a tricky bug
Or was it that your best friend gave you a hug;
Could've been the ginger tea your Mom brews...
Or the sky decked in sunset hues.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you got to work with a father figure you admire
Or you just saw stacks of fresh flowers piled higher and higher;
Could've been the effect of your recent haircut...
Or the race to book a tatkal ticket.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you found an antique earthen lamp decor
Or the seed you planted just sprouted a pretty blue flower;
Could've been the project deadline you successfully met...
Or the Chips and Orange Minutemaid you always get.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you just finalized a trip with friends
Or finished a Poirot novel with awesome twists and turns;
Could've been the pasta you cooked...
Or the Marathi play ticket your Mom booked.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you suddenly saw lots of fireworks in the night sky
Or just laughed over a PJ till you felt you'll cry;
Could've been that the late night radio played all your fav songs in a loop...
Or someone made you hot Manchow Soup.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

And you realize these are just ordinary little moments
No rocket science or phenomena strange
Even small reasons suffice;
Trivial things bring happiness...
'Coz you're high on Life!

~Written on 31st October, 2014 #Original

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Came across a pic clicked sometime back, made me think of masks...

Masks we wear
Masks we think we've worn
Masks people make us wear
Masks people think we're wearing
Happy ones, sad ones
Funny ones too
Masks totally unlike us
Sometimes transparent too!
Masks we make people wear
Masks we think people are wearing...

Clicked near Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir, Sept 2012

Ordinary Masks, Colourful Masks
Godly Masks, Super hero Masks
and masks of Demons too!
Masks with protruding ears and pointy chins
Bulging eyes and frowns grim
Ruddy red noses and rolling tongues.
Sometimes golden, sometimes glittery...
Masks we're glad to pull off
Masks we're afraid people will see through...

Masks we forget to put on
Masks so ingrained,
We forget we had donned!
Sometimes just one
Oft times one over the other
Masks like mirages
Real, yet a figment of someone's imagination
True, with a tinge of falsehood
Almost there, never within reach
Never black. Never white.
Always. Grey.

~Written on 8th October, 2014 #Original

PS: This makes for the 95th published post! 5 short of the magic number. Yayyy :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Random Thought #2

One of the things I keep reminding myself is "Thou shalt not judge..."
Whatever the situation, whoever the person, however sad/angry/happy/pissed off/spiteful you feel...remember "Thou shalt not judge..."

You can never ever completely understand anyone else's point of view/perspective/situation unless you yourself are that person...
So the next time your mind wanders and wants to make a caustic remark about someone, hold those words back...put those thoughts away and remind yourself that, "Thou shalt not judge..." :)

Trust me, the lesson is worth learning. You will walk away a better person from it...:)

PS: A series of original random thoughts that are concise...or may be I am just too lazy to follow up with longer text...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The reason why...

I write because ...

... most likely I have something to say, 
... sometimes...just because I have to say something too...
... it clears my head of the "thought clutter" I tend to gather
... I can.
... it gives me a high ;)
... I want to.
... I can pester friends to read the posts.
... sometimes just talking to myself in my head isn't enough ;)
... it just happens that I have a pen/paper or keyboard nearby when I am thinking...(err writing) out loud :P
... some things are best left written (and not unsaid) :)
... I love the idea of being an "author" of a blog (It's one of my childhood dreams to be a famous author and have book signings of my own) :D
... I am a grammar Nazi 
... I love the feeling when I click on 'publish' for a new post
... I can vent out feelings : grief/anger/frustrations/extreme joy
... I love diaries and fountain pens 
... its become a part of who I am
... its funnn!
... I can go on and on and on and never stop... (Yes, this is a "two-in-one liner" - a reason as well as a concluding sentence) :P

There are reasons and then there are many more reasons...
This pic, is just one of them :)

Photo courtesy  https://www.facebook.com/enchanting.minds/photos/p.336499536510354/336499536510354

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Well, waking up early on mornings has its benefits :)
The awesome foggy Lonavala morning today made me type this out as I day dreamt my way to Pune ;-)

Foggy nights
Misty mornings
Puffy grey clouds;
And amongst them shines
A golden-ish glow
Is it the Moon masquerading as the the Sun
Or the Sun masquerading as the Moon...
You stare and wonder...

A faint blob of light
It's the morn and that's the east, they say
So it must be the Sun.
But the light's little weak
Struggling to break through in streaks.
so you wonder..
It might very well be yesterday's lingering Moon
Masquerading as the Sun...
Or is it the Sun himself - subdued, solemn...
Masquerading as the Moon ?

Photo taken from : https://www.travelblog.org/Photos/4322396

Suddenly its overhead
And no one's ever seen a moon at noon.
Over the afternoon sky it hovers
A milky white globe
It lacks the power of the noontime Sun
Can it be the Moon...
Masquerading as the Sun ?
Yet it looks very much like the Sun,
Who's just decided, with a low intensity to burn
Masquerading as the Moon...

Travelling to the west
As if on some brave conquest
Golden skies, golden rays
This has to be the Sun, they say.
The blob smiles and thinks, they've never seen
A golden glowing Moon,
Masquerading as the Sun...
It sits too high over the horizon for a rising Moon,
Accompanied by twinkling starlets,
Is it truly the Sun, wearing his gold spun...
Masquerading as the Moon ?

Night falls sure and slow
Further diminishing the whitish glow
Lit bright amidst the midnight blue
This has to be the full Moon.
Or is it just the lazy Sun,
Tired of travel; refusing to run
Masquerading as the Moon ?
No, that cannot be.
The fair Moon, this has to be
And perhaps never wanting to wane,
Is just masquerading as the Sun...

~Written on 23rd September 2014 #Original

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Racing raindrops...

It's been raining away the entire week...and "racing raindrops" is what my mind calls out every time I look outside a window :)

Something that rang in my head for quite sometime, finally putting it in black & white...

Racing raindrops - Clicked at Srinagar, June 2013

Racing raindrops over the window sill
Flowing one after the other; never keep still
You choose a 'drop'; a very special one
and hope it wins the run.

Racing raindrops over the window sill
Zig, Zag, and making turns,
Down and down goes your 'drop' in a frenzied pace
Suddenly it halts, as if holding its breath.

Racing raindrops over the window sill
Your 'drop' stands still and so does time...
You wonder what its thinking; all frozen as it shines
Does it think this race is futile,
A meaningless means to an obvious end?
Or does it know it has to flow,
Down and down till it dares to go...

Racing raindrops over the window sill
Your 'drop' sits there glistening, brooding,
Till another drop joins it...
Misty, shiny, raring to go.
And without a moment's loss, together they flow.
Faster and stronger,
Racing down again.

Racing raindrops over the window sill
Your 'drops' flow down
And out of sight
You know they have joined the blue pool down
And you sigh.
Never got time to bid goodbye...
So you just look up at the window sill
and choose yet another 'drop'
You make it your 'drop', a very special one
and hope it wins the run.

~Written on 3rd September 2014 #Original