Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inked! : Day#25/30

I have skipped almost an entire week and it's also the nearing of the 30 day challenge too...promise I will post the missing ones soon enough!

I have had my own reasons for skipping writing - a code freeze looming up @office and (the real reason!) I was busy 'wolfing' down (pun intended!) book 2 of the Game of Thrones series.  ;-)

Simply UNPUTDOWNABLE :P Superbly brilliant.
I just finished reading it and so so wish I could just run to my library and get the third book ASAP - which surely is the first thing I'll do tomorrow morning - just hope its not issued already...
It took all my willpower to not carry the book to office, or call in sick this week :P and when I did live in 'our' real world, and not in the land of Westeros :P, I remembered I had to travel home to fulfill a "voting" duty as well :)

To be honest, I am never one to hotly debate and take sides - pro-AAP, anti-Congress, Modi-fied, etc etc, but, whether to vote for the MP candidate in the area, or look at the party's PM candidate and vote for the party rather than the candidate, is one issue I thought a lot about and also discussed a lot @home, with friends...

Some interesting links : this, this, this and this cartoon...

My take :
The MP usually doesn't have much budget to spend on the constituency and is more concerned with representing his people @the national level, so if you would want someone to "look after" local issues, he's not the one to hanker after - the MLA or the Corporator is the one more likely to be actively involved.
For the purpose of Loksabha elections, just thinking a MP candidate is good, he'll do "good work" in the constituency is not enough. We would need to look at the bigger picture - the party's PM candidate as well.

Luckily, the BJP-ShivSena candidate, this time around in my constituency, is quite a "clean", highly educated, young candidate (at least at face value).
So a part of me thinks since the candidate is good, and their high profile PM candidate could prove to be good (although I'm not ready to believe him entirely innocent of the Godhra carnage and he obviously is no magician or a "saviour" as many claim. Also, I think the "Har Har Modi...Ghar Ghar Modi" line is in very poor taste too, but a leader who will speak his mind, who will take a stand will be a welcome change), it wouldn't hurt to support them.

That said, it does not mean I disrespect Mr. Manmohan Singh...I agree the man might have not "stood up" to his party president and he was much better as a FM than a PM, appeared 'meek' and all that, but he's an extremely intelligent economist and we have to respect that fact.
And the way the social media and the people at large make fun of him and his "silence" is really pathetic - people who don't know a thing about governance and economics and party politics assume they have freedom to take digs and pot shots at him - just because he hasn't bothered to lash back at them.
Seriously, give the man a break. I'm sure history will be more kind to him, as they say...

But, I digress.
The point is - one part of me wants to vote for the new clean well educated MP + dynamic PM combo, while the other half is pro-AAP.

I fear that if "we, the people" don't give AAP a chance this time, "we, the people" (not AAP!) might never get a second chance the next time around - AAP or no AAP. And that would be really really bad.
We can be sure the "big fish" out there would make sure no future "small fish" try to rise and oppose them next time. Read this, if you haven't already.
Although I was upset over all the Delhi drama that unfolded and hope they have better governing sense the next time around, it would really be a pity if the AAP "movement" fizzles out for lack of public support. Which makes me lean a bit towards them and wonder if I should shout "Accio, broomstick" today ;-) ( !(original) joke, read it somewhere :) )

Anyways, I hope I'll sort out the confusion and make up my mind by the time I get to the poll booth :)

PS: I did make up my mind. Of course am not posting my decision here!
Here's my vote selfie :)

PPS: On a lighter note, this faking news doing the rounds on fb is hilarious :P

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kintsukuroi : Day#20/30

I'm writing Day20-24 posts a bit later than they were supposed to be written, all because of the GoT addiction ;-)
Writing these missing posts feels so much like those school times when we were supposed to write one paragraph and do 10 sums per day for Diwali homework. I usually ended up doing the entire week's (or the fortnight's) homework in a single day (yeah, just the day before school reopened ;) ) :D :D
This seems so much like that!

Came across this photo and it just had to go on the blog :

Here's the wiki page for Kintsukuroi (pronounced as keen-tsoo-koo-roy), the Japanese art of mending objects with gold lacquer.

The thought is so amazing - that things are more beautiful for having been broken...

Extrapolate this to life...Sometimes we stumble, life deals us hard blows - and we don't have much option except to pick ourselves up and carry on...

But we need to appreciate the scars, the bruises and the welts - for each and every wound changes us - for the better.
A mark to remind us we can be much much stronger than we think we are. We can battle on long after we think our strength has left us. Reminders of our ability to stand through and bear it all.

Battered, bruised, broken - but all the more beautiful for it :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fireflies : Day#19/30

A tiny spark that disappears if you blink, suddenly reappearing somewhere else.
Surrounded by the fragrance of moist earth, the twinkling with a orange glow seems almost surreal in the cool monsoon night.
You stare and suddenly there are many more of those tiny lights glittering about.
Fireflies! :)

My first encounter with fireflies was when I was about 4-5 years old, and although I don't remember much from times back then, I can clearly remember standing in our balcony after dinner and looking out for fireflies with my father. We used to have a firefly spotting contest and I used to pester him with lots of questions on light, sky, night, the moon, why the flies glow, how the stars twinkle, blah blah, the usual questions kids demand an explanation for and he used to patiently try his best to explain the workings of the universe to me...:)

Then I didn't think much about them, couldn't spot them that often after we moved homes, and our new home didn't have such a huge open space nearby...
So they were a reserved sight on the occasional monsoon trips/train journeys where you could spot them just for a moment or two.

Much later, during hostel days, as I walked back late nights to H11, they became a regular sight once again. This time around, I spotted a few glow worms on tree roots as well...It was almost magical...Fireflies and glow worms pottering about on cold windy rainy nights. :)

Of late, when I travel by trains frequently to Mumbai, there's a patch just before Palasdari station that has lots of fireflies flitting about. And the train almost always stops by for a signal here. The twinkling sight makes me super nostalgic...and I've started taking the train's stop and their being there almost for granted, a part of my journey home... :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unsaid Wishes : Day#18/30

A hot summer afternoon, and how he would love to plonk down on the squishy sofa, a tall bottle of lemon or kokam sherbet by his side, a dish of wafers/popcorn to munch, the AC set to full blast, curtains drawn to put out the harsh sun, and flick the TV remote to his favourite super hero movie.
The scrawny teenager smiled at that image in his mind.
"Someday...." he thought to himself, tuck the address list in his pocket, hung the big brown bag on the handle, mounted his cycle and started on his rounds of grocery delivery...
She saw kids come with their parents every weekend, sometimes they thronged on weekdays also...especially now that the school holidays had begun.
She saw her own little Radha in every small girl who tried on pretty frocks and tops. She imagined the joy on Radha's face when she would bring her to the store and try that new green dress or that latest orange kurta that they had put on the statue kid...perhaps she could also get her those colourful rubber like slippers with holes on the top...'Crocs' she thought they were called...
"Someday..." she thought to herself and went back to scanning the tags and telling the people that only three garments at a time were allowed into the trial rooms...
He climbed the stairs down the bridge hastily, hoping to get a glimpse of her. A fleeting glance and they smiled at each other. The jostling crowd, the April heat, the impending work deadline, the landlord's threats to end their contract if he didn't agree to the increased rent, all went out of his head for that one single moment. He smiled goofily. He wanted to talk to her, ask her name, who she was, where she worked, books she read, films she liked, food she loved, her family, her world...but never ventured to say a hello ever.
"Someday..." he thought as he saw the train chug into the platform and plunged into the sea of multitudes waiting to board the second class compartment...
She saw the shiny brochures and the colourful life each of the destinations offered. She smiled thinking of the fun they would have on top of the Eiffel, and while taking a camel ride for the pyramids, standing and gazing at the Niagara and walking along the Great Wall of China on a moonlit night.
Clicking pictures of cherry blossoms in Japan, or Tulips in Holland. Going on cruises along the Nile, deep sea diving amongst the corals in NewZealand.
"Someday..." she smiled and answered the next enquiry call to help plan a vacation for some starry eyed tourist...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Much that's fair : Day#17/30

Taking the easier way out and posting a quote for today's post ;-)

I rarely 'buy' books, I prefer to get them from my library. And only buy the ones I'll re-re-read ;-)

But, I absolutely love! LOTR and its complete box set is one of my most prized possessions B-)

Image source : This fb page.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Elephant in the room : Day#16/30

Have you heard of the elephant in the room syndrome?
Well, even if you haven't heard, I'm sure everyone must have gone through it at least once...

It's like this:
Imagine a room where people are sitting, discussing stuff. They may be colleagues, may be friends, may be family...
And there's an elephant right in the middle of the room.
A huge elephant.
Everyone 'sees' it, but no one wants to 'notice' it. No one acknowledges it. No one talks about it. No one brings up the fact that there is an elephant in the room, although each is aware the other knows of the elephant's existence.

How many times do we ignore the 'elephant' in the room? The thing that's on everyone's mind, but no one wants to say out loud.
I am guilty of quite a few many times.

It takes courage to say out loud that there's an elephant in the room.  Recognizing an issue is the first step towards trying to solve it.

Here's to noticing the elephants and spelling out thoughts.
Speak. Talk. Discuss. They say it helps!
(Yeah yeah, I know I'm preaching...I go into infinite thinking loops and never say out whatever I want at the moment it's meant to be said)
Precisely the reason I identify most with the 'elephant in the room' syndrome.

PS: These days, I often start by saying, "I want to talk about the elephant in the room..." whenever I need to have those 'difficult' talks, and that in itself eases tensions and makes the conversation much more easier ;-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Simplify : Day#15/30

Half way through the 30 days!!

There are a lot of things on my mind of late, and can't seem to do justice to all of them at once! :-|
So this is what sits on my desk to remind me to 'simplify' :)

Idea sourced from somewhere on the Internet.
#iSketch #OfficeTP #tissuepapersketches