Monday, June 8, 2015

Of lines, plots and curves

Sometimes I wonder how life (as we know and remember it) is nothing but a set of "points in time"... if all the decisions we take, every single day, can be plotted, and ultimately (might) fit a (standard?) curve...
Of course everyone's curve will be different/may be even unique.
Although I'd rather people's life curves will be more or less similar ultimately, once you account for everyone's share of ups and downs...

but the point is, will we be able to map out a standard curve out of our life experiences?
Perhaps this is what they mean when they say, "The days are long, but the years are short...?"

The X axis for sure is time. The Y axis can be anything you value : happiness, satisfaction, success, health, wealth, relationships - whatever you fancy to plot.

Will this then, necessarily fit some standard curve?
If yes, can we then extrapolate our life/happiness/success/health based on past mapped points?
And can we then change the future points and the curve if we think we are sloping beyond a 'threshold'?

I wonder...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flights of fancy

Sometimes my mind takes me on flights of fancy -
Higher and higher above everyday chaos...
Until all known things look distant
& troubles so tiny -
they disappear in an instant...

Sometimes my mind takes me on flights of fancy -
Faster and faster as the winds blow...
Until I see the land of my dreams -
A land of new beginnings and un-chartered realms...

Sometimes my mind takes me on flights of fancy -
Deeper and deeper into the hazy clouds...
Until the lands merge into skies
& all that I had ever dreamt of - stands realized...

Flights of fancy :
They make you daydream like there's no tomorrow;
Compel you to create a world -
of your favourite-most people and things...
In excruciating detail - every single person, every emotion
every thing - amplified, almost real.
A world, almost like a bubble.
Your very own 'unburstable' version of reality -
that lives solely in your head...

Well, like all flights, this one must end too;
& when my mind comes back from its flight of fancy -
I find myself just a tad bit disappointed by reality...
Dull, humdrum and everyday.

But I always agree to travel, every single time;
When my mind takes me on flights of fancy -
For they give the vision of distant lands seen...
& the belief that I can perhaps still create
that, which 'could have been'...

~written on 7th June 2015 #Original

Monday, June 1, 2015


What does freedom mean to you ?

I'd say, freedom isn't always about splendid sunshine, vast clear expanses of blue sky and a never-ending horizon...
...sometimes, freedom also means turning away from the sun, and choosing the drab, dark, dank 'everyday stuff' - the freedom to do what you want - irrespective of the way the worlds defines freedom... allowing yourself (and others) to have views that don't fit the standard society norms - and not be apologetic about it :)

Just a Monday morning self-realization that hits when a pigeon repeatedly refuses to venture back to its home in the balcony, and you wonder why it chooses to stay, when it could so easily fly away. #everydayLifeLessons :)

...and makes for the 100th post too! Yayyy B-)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Of Dust that refuses to settle - and Floods

I walked to office today, and there was this huge huge dust storm all around.
I really don't know where so much dust came if someone had put me straight into a scene from Interstellar - the one before the discovery of the new planet - dust everywhere and people trying to flee it - trying to escape the dust storm.

Yes, this was just like it.
Yes, I will call it a dust storm.
Dust - that refuses to settle. Dust - that clouds your vision. Dust - on your face even if you wrap your thickest scarf as tight as you can. Dust - that you can taste as you run a tongue across dry lips. Dust - you can breathe and smell. Dust - in your hair. Dust - under your feet. Dust that refuses to settle - all around you.
And I thought however wrong/right the Interstellar folks may have been in their imagination of colonizing a new planet - surely their idea of the "End of the Earth" was spot on.
Dust - that signifies a dying Earth. Dust that refuses to settle down. No matter how hard you try to keep it off, always finding a way to cloud over people and stuff.
Dust - that covers even the last slivers of hope. Dust - that threatens Life. Dust - its teeny weeny particles showing their might - uncontrollable - haunting every thought; washing over everything like waves.
Dust - that never settles.
As I made my way through the dust clouds, I thought that if there ever is an "End of the Earth", this definitely will be one of the characteristics...dust - that refuses to settle.
As soon as I unlock the door and step in, a loud gushing noise screams for my attention. I hurriedly go into the kitchen - only to land in ankle deep water - the kitchen tap is running wildly and (open since God knows when - buckets of good clean water - literally gone down the drain) I sigh...
It takes me quite a while to mop and drain away the excess water.
...And as I scrub and slosh at the water over and over again - the irony hits me - I feel as if I am washing away the dust - as if this was a way to literally "dust off" the dust - the dust that refuses to settle - perhaps it is powerless in front of gushing splashes of water.
I do hope if there ever is a "dying Earth" and dust storms, may there also be slashing rains and splashes of cool blue water to counter it -  washing the dust away.
And may the water win, over the dust that refuses to settle.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wordless Wednesday : The sun sets on 2014

"Perhaps, the best thing about the future is that
 it comes one day at a time..." ~Dean Acheson

Clicked at the Gateway of India, Mumbai, 31 Dec 2014 

PS: Although I've called it a "Wordless Wednesday" post, I couldn't help captioning it (and writing this PS as well :) )
Happy 2015 folks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All I ask... : A prayer

The other day I had a "re-org" attack and was looking at old pics to organize.
As usual, I got lost in looking at the pics and recollecting the "good ol' days" (Well, not that the present days are any bad, but saying "good ol' days" has its own charm :P)
Anyways, I digress.

I found a pic of a poster I had put up on my hostel wall.
The pic is a tad bit blurry (yeah, yeah I didn't have the fancy smancy 10MP cam then :P) Good old Nokia. *sigh*
So here's the marathi version (as I had read it somewhere) :
The original Bengali version is here [Courtesy : SG]

विपत्ति मधे तू माझे रक्षण कर
ही माझी प्रार्थना नाही.
विपत्ति मधे मी भयभीत होऊ नये
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

दु:खतापाने व्यथित झालेल्या माझ्या मना चे
तू सान्त्वन करावेस
अशी माझी अपेक्षा नाही.
दु:खावर जय मिळवता यावा,
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

माझ्या मदतीला कोणी आले नाही,
तर माझे बाळ मोडून पडू नये,
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

माझे रक्षण तू करावेस, मला तारावेस,
ही माझी प्रार्थना नाही.
तरुन जाण्याचे सामर्थ्य माझ्यात असावे,
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

माझे ओझे हलके करून तू माझे सान्त्वन केले नाहीस
तरी माझी तक्रार नाही
ते ओझे वाहायची शक्ति माझ्यात असावी
एवढीच माझी इच्छा...

सुखाच्या  दिवसांत नतमस्तक होऊन
मी तुझा चेहेरा ओळखून काढीन.
दु:खाच्या रात्री, सारे जग जेव्हा माझी फसवणूक करेल,
तेव्हा तुझ्या विषयी माझ्या मनात शंका निर्माण होऊ नये
एवढीच च माझी इच्छा...

~रवींद्रनाथ टागोर

And since I am bitten by the translation bug these days, I had to attempt a translation Simply could _not_ leave it alone. ;)
Here goes my attempt at translation :

I would never pray for you
to protect me from perils;
That I never be frightened by perils
is all I ask...

I would never expect you to console
my soul that's fraught with pain;
That I can conquer the sorrowful sea,
is all I ask...

Even though none comes forth to help;
Let my strength not fail me
is all I ask...

When the world fools me
and I face betrayal;
Let my mind be strong, and let it not waver
is all I ask...

I would never pray for you
to shield me from dangers;
That I may have the capacity to stay afloat
is all I ask...

I would never complain even if you
do not reduce my burden;
That I be strong enough to carry that burden
is all I ask...

In happier times, I will bow down to you 
and recognize your face;
In dark times, when the world betrays me
Let my mind never doubt you,
is all I ask...

~Rabindranath Tagore

[Translated on 11th Nov 2014]

Friday, October 31, 2014

High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out the reason why!
You jump, you float;
You cry, you gloat;
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out the reason why!
May be you resolved a tricky bug
Or was it that your best friend gave you a hug;
Could've been the ginger tea your Mom brews...
Or the sky decked in sunset hues.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you got to work with a father figure you admire
Or you just saw stacks of fresh flowers piled higher and higher;
Could've been the effect of your recent haircut...
Or the race to book a tatkal ticket.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you found an antique earthen lamp decor
Or the seed you planted just sprouted a pretty blue flower;
Could've been the project deadline you successfully met...
Or the Chips and Orange Minutemaid you always get.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you just finalized a trip with friends
Or finished a Poirot novel with awesome twists and turns;
Could've been the pasta you cooked...
Or the Marathi play ticket your Mom booked.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

Sometimes life gives you a high
And you can't figure out a reason why!
May be you suddenly saw lots of fireworks in the night sky
Or just laughed over a PJ till you felt you'll cry;
Could've been that the late night radio played all your fav songs in a loop...
Or someone made you hot Manchow Soup.
And you can't help but say I'm high;
High on Life!

And you realize these are just ordinary little moments
No rocket science or phenomena strange
Even small reasons suffice;
Trivial things bring happiness...
'Coz you're high on Life!

~Written on 31st October, 2014 #Original